Sex Steroid Metabolites + UDH II

Sex Steroid Metabolites + UDH II

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Dried Urine: Estrogens (13),Progestogens (7), Androgens (8), Glucocorticoids (4), Free Cortisol x 4, Free Cortisone x 4, Melatonin (MT6s) x 4, Crtn

Sex Steroid Metabolites + UDH II Dried Urine Test

  • In-depth Testing: This test expands on the previous one by including measurements of free cortisol (x4), free cortisone (x4), melatonin (MT6s) x 4, along with the estrogens, progestogens, androgens, and glucocorticoids.
  • Method: Also relies on a dried urine sample.
  • Advanced Use: Especially useful for a thorough hormonal analysis. It assesses not only sex and stress hormones but also circadian rhythm (through melatonin) and adrenal function (through cortisol and cortisone).


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