Female Blood Profile I E2, Pg, T, SHBG, DS, C-Blood Spot Test Kit

Female Blood Profile I E2, Pg, T, SHBG, DS, C-Blood Spot Test Kit

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Female Blood Profile I

This profile tests the primary female sex hormones and their major binding globulin, and screens for adrenal health through morning cortisol.

Consider for assessment of total baseline levels before hormone replacement therapy, adrenal fatigue, amenorrhea, anovulation, DUB (dysfunctional uterine bleeding), estrogen dominance symptoms, fibrocystic breast disease, hypogonadism, infertility screening, menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, PCOS screening, PMS, sexual dysfunction.

Female Profile I tests sex and adrenal hormone levels in the blood, as an alternative to Saliva Profile I for those women who have difficulty producing enough saliva for testing, or who are using sublingual hormones that might interfere with the saliva test. SHBG is included in the profile so that free (unbound) testosterone can be calculated since most of the testosterone circulating in the blood is bound to SHBG. 

Female Blood Spot Profile I includes:

Estradiol (E2), total; Progesterone (Pg), total; Testosterone (T), total; SHBG; DHEA-S (DS); Cortisol (C)

Overall assessment of female health and vitality; an indicator of specific hormone imbalances.



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