Combined DHEA Therapy for Men and Women

Combined DHEA Therapy for Men and Women

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The Critical Need for DHEA

The precursor hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is naturally produced by both males and females in the adrenal glands, and in small amounts in the testes and ovaries.  Synthesized from cholesterol in the body this “raw material” gets converted to sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen in both men and women.  Sometimes referred to as the “mother of all hormones” DHEA affects immune function and may help protect blood vessel health as well.  As men and women age however, natural DHEA production is reduced causing a multitude of mental and physical health problems.

DHEA Deficiency—Signs and Symptoms

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of libido
  • Reduced immune function
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Dry skin
  • Intolerance to exercise

DHEA is critical in its ability to provide the foundation for androgen production in both men and women.  Stress, aging, medical conditions and medications can seriously deplete DHEA stores.

How Targeted DHEA Therapy for Men and Women Can Help

Balanced DHEA levels:

  • Boost immune system
  • Improve cognitive decline and memory
  • Increase endurance
  • Help restore muscle tone
  • Increase flexibility
  • Support better body composition
  • Reduce vaginal atrophy in women
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce risk of osteoporosis
  • Help elevate mood naturally
  • Support weight loss

Once a deficiency in DHEA is determined, DHEA therapy may be needed to help restore healthy levels once again.  Depending on the severity and individual condition a physician may order one or more therapies (alone or in combination) to facilitate DHEA production.

DHEA therapy includes customized dosages of oral medications, topical creams, gels and injections.  Natural supplementation and dietary support along with other lifestyle changes may be helpful in reducing the loss of DHEA as well.

Prescription Medications for DHEA Therapy

Testosterone Cypionate / DHEA—This injectable compound can be prescribed for men as a primary treatment for low testosterone levels.  Therapeutically, this compound may be used as a treatment for hypogonadism (failure of the testes to produce male androgen) and other testosterone related conditions.   Testosterone Cypionate/ DHEA is offered as an injectable and must be delivered directly into the muscle. 

Testosterone Enanthate/ DHEA—This intramuscular injectable formula is used to treat low testosterone in men.  In research studies, testosterone Enanthate/ DHEA was found to provide enhanced strength and stamina in males.

For post menopausal women, DHEA or testosterone replacement therapy may be prescribed to help increase libido, restore energy, support healthy muscle mass and bone density, and to aid in weight loss.

Hyaluronic Acid/ DHEA/ Vitamin E—Used as a lubricating gel to treat vaginal atrophy in post menopausal women, this compound contains:

Hyaluronic acid—This is a hydrating formula to help moisturize vaginal tissue.

DHEA—Used in a vaginal gel compound, DHEA helps reduce vaginal dryness.

Vitamin E—Vitamin E works as a vaginal moisturizer.

Natural Wellness Solutions for DHEA Therapy

DHEA-SR—This micronized sustained release DHEA formula is designed to naturally help balance DHEA levels throughout the day.  DHEA-SR works to support weight management in both men and women.

DHEA-7-Keto SR Capsules—This combination supplement aids in the thermogenic process and helps to support healthy weight and overall body composition in both men and women.  This non-hormonal dietary supplement works to enhance greater DHEA absorption as well.  While DHEA-7-Keto SR promotes healthy metabolic function, it does not convert DHEA to testosterone or estrogen.

As part of our Combined DHEA Therapy for Men and Women—

Get Science-backed Diet and Exercise Help to Boost DHEA Levels Naturally

Find out how you can slow the natural loss of DHEA with aging.

Benefits of DHEA Therapy for Men and Women

  • Quality prescription-grade formulas for maximum safety and efficacy
  • Customized dosage and compounding for optimal delivery methods
  • Natural dietary support made from pure, micronized ingredients

Hormone health is too important to ignore especially as we age.  Speak with one of our licensed physicians to find out how you may benefit from Combined DHEA Therapy for Men and Women today.



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