Optimal Bioidenticals—Testosterone Therapy for Women

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Testosterone, most commonly known as a male steroid hormone is necessary for both sexes to help facilitate sexual health and reproduction.  Testosterone in women supports a healthy libido, bone and muscle strength, optimal energy levels, and positive mood.  As hormone levels fluctuate with age, testosterone levels in women decline.  In fact, although both ovaries produce testosterone well after menopause, by the time a woman reaches middle age, testosterone levels are only about 50% of what they once were in younger years.  Symptoms of low testosterone levels in women include weakness and fatigue, weight gain, low libido and sleep disturbances.

To correct this hormone imbalance bioidentical testosterone therapy can help.  Because bioidentical hormones mimic hormones naturally produced in the body, absorption is ideal and side effects are minimal compared to synthetic hormone treatments.

Treatment for female testosterone imbalance is easy and convenient.


Our $199 monthly plan includes:


Bioidentical hormones


Consultation with a licensed partner physician


Treatment plan individually customized


Home delivery for medications


Ongoing, at-home blood spot lab testing







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