Optimal Bioidenticals—Estrogen Therapy for Women

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As women reach middle age, the body begins the natural process of perimenopause, as it prepares the ovaries to permanently cease ovulation.  This period can last several years causing erratic estrogen and progesterone production.  These fluctuating hormone levels are responsible for many of the physical and emotional symptoms associated with menopause and middle age.  While some women will easily go through this period with only minor discomfort, others will experience significant changes that interfere with healthy daily living.  Symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, depression, hair loss, and short-term memory impairment may occur due to the loss of estrogen in the body.


For some women, bioidentical estrogen replacement therapy is the answer.  Bioidentical estrogen closely mimics the natural estrogen created in a woman’s body and is easily absorbed for maximum potency and efficacy with fewer side effects.


Treatment for female estrogen imbalance is easy and convenient.


Our $199 monthly plan includes:


Bioidentical hormones


Consultation with a licensed partner physician


Treatment plan individually customized


Home delivery for medications


Ongoing, at-home blood spot lab testing






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