Male Sexual Health and Wellness Plan

Male Sexual Health and Wellness Plan

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Free Physician Consultation: This is a compounded prescription medication and requires a doctor’s consultation. During the payment process, you will be required to answer several questions about your medical history. There is no additional charge for the doctor consultation.

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Boost Sexual Health and Performance


Healthy sexual function in men leads to greater overall health and wellness.  In fact men report feeling generally happier and more satisfied with life when they engage in regular physical intimacy.  Unfortunately sexual dysfunction can stand in the way of a healthy sexual relationship.


This may be due in part to:


  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Loss of libido
  • Reduced sex drive


Loss of libido or the inability to maintain a satisfactory erection can be linked to one or more biological or psychological causes including stress, anxiety and depression, a specific medical condition, or prescription medication. 


How Male Sexual Health and Wellness Plan Can Help


Our carefully prepared sexual health and wellness plan includes both oral and/or injectable medications and works to:


  • Promote greater sexual health
  • Enhance sex drive
  • Provide more satisfactory sexual experience


Sexual health is just as important as physical, mental, or emotional health and can impact a man’s life significantly.


Treatment of conditions to promote sexual health and wellness include:


Oral medication—This includes rapid dissolve tablets of the hormone, oxytocin and the vasodilator, tadalafil.  Together these medications promote greater blood flow for muscle response to combat erectile dysfunction.


Arginine and Citrulline—This combination of amino acids are used to elevate Nitric Oxide levels to promote greater blood flow to specific areas of the body.


Ocytocin—This hormone sometimes referred to as the “cuddling hormone” helps facilitate feelings of affection and bonding between sex partners.  This may be prescribed in rapid dissolving tablet form and is used as a way to sexually enhance intimate experiences.


Injectable medication—Sometimes oral medication is not enough to restore healthy sexual function in men.  In these cases an injectable drug known as Trimix (papaverine/ phentolamin/alprostadil) can be self-injected up to 3 times a week. 


Optional Rescue Kit—As an additional item, you may purchase a rescue kit to be used in the event of priapism or persistent erection.


How Long Does the Male Sexual Health and Wellness Plan Last?


The plan is designed to last for 90 days based on taking the combination of medications daily. 


*In order to promote optimal sexual health and wellness medications must be taken daily for maximum efficacy.


Benefits of Male Sexual Health and Wellness Plan


  • Quality, prescription-grade formulas for maximum safety and efficacy
  • All delivery materials including syringes and auto injectors included
  • No controlled substances ever


Physical intimacy is possible at any age and does not have to end because of loss of libido or erectile dysfunction.   Speak to one of our partner physicians and find out how you can restore healthy sexual function once again.



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